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• Workman Compensation

Employees’ rights are important in any workforce. Through the Workman Compensation Insurance Policy, the employer will set aside an accrued amount taken from the employee to cover the medical costs of injury. In case of accidental death, the employer will give that accrued amount to the employee’s family.


• Investment

Investments involve risk, but there are ways to alleviate that risk when it comes to financial ventures. Investment Insurance protects the investor from unforeseeable circumstances in investing abroad such as political unrest, government changes, and currency bans.

• Education

Education is a priceless investment. The cost of higher education is rising all around the world, and so is the importance of obtaining a degree. It’s important to plan ahead. Education Insurance accrues a fund that will be given to your child once they are over 18 and enter University- covering their tuition costs in full and securing their future.

• Retirement

You’ve earned your retirement, so spend it with peace of mind. Retirement Insurance Policies are a fundamental way for private sector employees to secure their future finances. In case of sudden death before retirement, the insurance company will take what’s been collected and give it to the employee’s family.